Rental Agreement

By renting a product on our site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


We (1Up Books Inc) retain ownership of any product rented from us, and require that all rentals be returned to us in the same condition they were received. For books, we do allow very minimal highlighting, but prohibit any writing. Any accessories that were included with your rental, such as CDs or DVDs, must also be returned to us. If your rental is lost, stolen, or its condition is significantly reduced, you may instead return to us an identical product in a condition at least as good as that which you received.


You acknowledge that you are aware of the due dates (printed on receipt) for each of the products you rented from us. Two weeks before your rental is due, we will send you an email outlining your two options for returning your rental: DROP OFF AT OUR TENT or RETURN BY MAIL. The simplest option to return your rental is to drop it off at our tent at the end of the semester. Dates and drop-off locations will be included in the email. Alternatively, if you choose to return your rental by mail, you will be provided a prepaid return shipping label. Your rental will be considered returned on time if you drop off (or mail) the rental on or before the due date. If you do not drop off (or mail) your rental on or before the due date, you agree to purchase the product, in which case we will charge you the price-to-keep (as stated on your receipt) minus the rental price you already paid. For example, if you paid $40 to rent a book, and the book’s price-to-keep is $75, then your account would be charged $35. If you mail the rental after the due date, your account will be charged as described above, but you may request that we send it back to you for a shipping fee.


You authorize us to keep your credit/debit card information on file, so that in the event your rental is not returned on time, we may charge you any applicable fees as stated above. Your card information will be stored on the secure servers at (our payment processing company), and will not be visible to us. Should your card be declined, you promise to pay via an alternate payment method; otherwise you may be subject to collection and/or attorney fees.